Ethically made, slow fashion.

We embody an ethos of slow fashion, with a thoughtful approach to sustainability and an awareness of our impact and connection to the Earth.

Honoring Indigenous Wisdom and Artistry test

SHU White Polka Ethical Sustainable Slow Fashion

Samadhi is an ethical slow fashion brand with focus on wholesale, for maximum expansion. We also retail Samadhi around the world at our online prices that include worldwide shipping.

To make it profitable for you as a wholesale customer we have kept the wholesale prices at an absolute minimum. You can choose any products in any colors and mix your own selection of the collection. Every product comes in 11 colors and patterns and they are mostly one size. This makes it easier for you as a wholesale customer, as you don't need to order a full size range per product. The one size is suitable for sizes small, medium and large. Upon request we can custom make a bigger size to for XL and XXL to. 

Samadhi is a no waste brand, so we will produce the clothes when we have received your order and the 50% deposit of the total invoice. Therefor you may custom order what buttons you want on the collection. We have a variety of no plastic options, for example light coconut, blue shell, white shell, light wood & dark wood. The production time is two months. When the order invoice is settled your shipment will be sent. 

We will of course list you as one of the store locations selling Samadhi Collection on our website and collaborate on Instagram posts and Facebook. 

Franchising is also available for samadhi collection, if you would like to open a samadhi shop in your home town, just contact us. We will help you get set up with the business and be with you all the way.